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DarkWatt Full Motion Platform

Road and Mountain bike ready.

Power up your performance and enjoy a realistic indoor training session that puts less stress on your bike & your body. Hand-crafted in South Africa.

DarkWatt features include:


Aluminum Tracks

for tie downs to slide & secure the trainer


Ease Of Movement

12 degrees of side to side movement


Front Fork Riser

this allows you to remove your front wheel and fix your fork to the riser


Minimal Vibration

rubber feet to minimize vibration

Brings freedom
from riding outside
to training indoors.

DarkWatt’s Full Motion Platform helps take your indoor training experience to the next level by allowing the bike and trainer to  sway from side to side and, move fore and aft with you when you want to put the power down.

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Bike Network

DARKWATT is road bike and MTB ready and features adapters for Quick Release skewers, Boost and non-Boost through-axle forks.


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