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Darkwatt, Cape Cycle Systems


Proudly hand-crafted in South Africa, using durable, non-slip coated birch ply with aluminum rails, the DarkWatt platform enables your bike and static trainer to sway realistically from side to side and move fore and aft as you crank up your training session…



DarkWatt’s Full Motion Platform helps you power up your cycling performance by providing a more comfortable and realistic ride indoors.

Created by South African cyclist and former triathlete Brett Wooldridge, DarkWatt’s Full Motion Platform is made with top-quality parts and are suitable for almost any static trainer, road or mountain bike.

Darkwatt, Cape Cycle Systems

Features include

12 degrees of side to side movement

240mm of fore and aft movement via Linear Bearings

Adjustable sway resistance using rubber balls

Aluminium T-Tracks to configure all tie down options

Compatible with most popular trainers

Manufactured from non skid, water-resistant Resin Plywood

13mm spanner to tighten nuts on tie-down straps

2 x 15mm Adjustable front wheel riser blocks and tie down strap

Rubber feet to minimize vibration

2 x 750mm tie down straps to secure your trainer

FULL MOTION platforms shipped fully assembled.


All DARKWATT branded products are covered by a Five-Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser. The five-year warranty is valid from the date of purchase. This Limited Warranty covers defects due to the manufacturing process and does not cover negligence, misuse, or normal wear and tear, including rubber feet. This warranty does not cover subsequent damages to other products due to the normal or negligent use of DARKWATT products. Products that are defective or faulty are covered under warranty and will be replaced, or parts will be provided at the discretion of DARKWATT at no charge. For Warranty issues please contact the DARKWATT customer team directly.