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darkwatt Founder / ceo

Brett Wooldridge

A former competitive triathlete, cyclist and high-energy exercise enthusiast, Brett Wooldridge dusted off his bike and indoor trainer when South Africa’s COVID-19 lockdown forced him (and the entire country) to ‘stay home’ in 2020.

Initially, Brett was excited about using a smart trainer and training apps. However, he soon found riding a static bike was hard on his body and a very different experience from riding on the road or mountain.

On a mission to improve his indoor cycling experience, Brett investigated international brands before deciding to design and build his own. I’m continuously thinking about upgrades and improvements, so the product keeps evolving. 

“I believe anyone who rides indoors should couple their static trainer to our Full Motion Platform to improve their comfort and reduce stress on the bike and body. From doing 45-minute intervals without the platform, I can comfortably train for up to 2.5-hours now.”

Created by South African cyclist and former triathlete Brett Wooldridge,
DarkWatt’s Full Motion Platform is made with top-quality parts and are suitable
for almost any static trainer, road or mountain bike.

Brett Wooldridge, the founder of DARKWATT alongside 2021 Absa Cape Epic winner, Matt Beers.