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In 2019 I decided to do the Absa cape Epic and in preparation for this I bought a Wahoo Kicker indoor trainer. Besides spending time outdoors on the bike I spent a considerable amount of time on the Wahoo. I found it hard and very difficult to sit on it for extended periods of time and because it is so rigid the bike takes a lot of strain on the rear triangle. I was then introduced to the Darkwatt full motion platform. I can honestly say it was a gamechanger! It simulates road riding very, very well. It enables climbing out the seat perfectly and front to back motion makes it feel even more lively.
I did the 2021 Absa Cape epic where most of my training was in winter where I chose the indoor trainer above the outdoor bad weather. There were times where I managed 6 hours plus on the indoor, this I would not have managed without the  Darkwatt Full motion platform.
In summary: It takes away the stiffness of the stand alone indoor trainer thus allowing the body to move more freely as it would on a normal outdoor ride. Much less strain on the bike itself. The manufacturing quality is superb and the after sales service is amazing.