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During the pandemic and lockdown frustrations I purchased a Kickr core indoor trainer using Zwift to continue with my training and to achieve my weekly Discovery points. Although it was a great solution for alternative exercise, I found a significant difference to the feel of an actual ride. When DarkWatt was developed, I was an early adopter and have never looked back. Previously I felt that I was going on an indoor Trainer, but now it’s as if I’m going on a ride, which I’ve dubbed “DarkWatting” 😊 . I love the full motion functionality which gives a good simulated experience which is far more realistic and I’m using more core muscles when seated and unseated. DarkWatting is my go-to training solution and is a great motivator to climb on my bike during inclement weather or when the south easter is howling.

The build quality is superb and I appreciated you putting on wheels at the base for me to store it vertically when not in use. DarkWatt is true disruptive innovation designed and made in SA and I’m super-chuffed I’ve got one. I look forward to seeing the DarkWatt brand dominate both the local and global markets as it delivers real value.